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We use:

Lewitt Microphones, Shure Microphones, Sennheiser Microphones, Audix Microphones

Presonus Mixers: StudioLive Series lll 32R StudioLive Series lll 32SC, StudioLive Series lll 32SX

Presonus Stage Boxes

Presonus Speakers: CDL12P

QSC Mixers: Touchmix 8, Touchmix 16, Touchmix 30 Pro

QSC Speakers: CP8, CP12, K12.2, KW 152

QSC Subwoofers: KS112, K212C, KS118, KW181

We are proudly Sponsored by:

QSC, Presonus, Aquarian Drumheads, Haram, Reymart Custom drums Oruga, Sweetwater, Sound Productions and many more!


Bar and Festival Setups