Skullman Productions

Your solution in digital and analog audio for live performances and live recordings.
Offering sound engineering services for your band or event, from small to medium venues and outdoor festivals.

Professional Live Sound Reinforcement

Let us worry about your sound, you worry about performing.
Professional live sound, we bring mics cables and PA, or we can supply only the PA and you can use your own micprophones.
We have the ability to record your performance live for a fee and give you the wav files so you can take them to get mixed.
We have the right gear for your needs
  • Arts Festivals
  • Street Fairs
  • Back yard performances
  • Dance recitals
  • Solo acts
  • Coffee Shops
  • Small venue engineering
  • All San Diego county
  • Live recordings

We come to you with professional equipment and attitude. We will accomodate your needs.

Both Digital and Analog systems with independant monitoring ( up to 6 sends digital and 4 analog)

Competitive prices and reliable friendly attention, we also can provide background music during your breaks.

Multi Channel Recording

QSC Touchmix 16 with 16 independant channels and 2 stereo channels for a total of 20 active channels.
Two channel recording on analog mixer ready for your mastering.

We can come to you and mic everything up to record you on independant channels, we give you the tracks or we can mix for you before you
send for mastering.
Sample of our recording and mixing;